Jul 10 2012

VLC works out of the box with the Sony Ericsson Experia mini pro (sk17a)

Category: Android 2.3 devices,chipsetswpgeorge @ 9:14 pm

We are happy to report that the Sony Experia Mini Pro (sk17a) (pdadb profile) works right out of the box with the stunning new VideoLan VLC Neon Beta Android application found at the Google Play market. (look for VLC neon). I threw at it every .FLV file I could think of  (max 720p resolution) with impeccable image and sound.

Of course, this phone has the Neon Armv7 CPU and it shows what all that extra money bought (Sorry, Alcatel Vodafone Smartphone 2 owners, I tried but it but the app does not work yet with this beta version)

We manage to unearth that Sony Experias like this one have the Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset and Neon support.

If you would like further detailed information about testing for Neon instructions, you can follow the advice at Samurai-apps.com

All in all the experience was so smooth and can’t wait to keep upgrading until VLC becomes the de facto standard for Android.