Oct 12 2012

Xperia Tipo ST21i gets a larger user base into Android 4.0+

Category: chipsets,Device descriptionwpgeorge @ 8:47 pm

The Xperia Tipo is a lightweight, entry-level smartphone with many features found in their more advanced Xperia relatives.

I found through its pdbadb.net profile that this phone sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 chipset (MSM7225A) with smooth graphics and the ability to work with the Neon command extension.  I managed to install the VLC Neon for Android application although the number of supported streaming formats was somehow more limited than on the Experia Mini Pro (this one uses the more feature-rich Snapdragon 2 chipset)

This is the most up to date Android version (4.0.x) I have found so far for this price point.  There’s no doubt that the intense competition is bringing about real bargains for Android enthusiasts.