Nov 28 2012

GPS hardware on the Google Nexus 7

Category: standalone chipwpgeorge @ 1:00 pm

The GPS hardware included with the Google Nexus 7 has turned out to be the most responsive of any Android device I have tested so far.

I first checked the webite to find out the bill of materials for this tablet.

The T30TL Tegra CPU does not include a built-in GPS chip. The GPS is contained in a standalone chip manufactured by Broadcomm called the BCM4751

I used the GPS Status and Toolbox application in order to reset the GPS to a ‘cold’ state without restarting the device.

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Nov 27 2012

Asus ME370T – Google Nexus 7, for consumers and developers alike

Category: Device descriptionwpgeorge @ 2:06 pm

In my quest for obtaining as much low-cost technology for the price of an iPhone, I now feel that I have come full circle to the company that started it all, Asus (remember eee PC).

This device has probably been the most rewarding to evaluate so far.

  • Within minutes of turning on the Asus ME370T tablet, I had an OTA (Over the air) upgrade to Jellybean 4.2.
  • No longer a consumer-only model, this is the one worthy device to use as  a development board, uncluttered by carrier-specific software (Sorry, Verizon Nexus users).
  • It contains detailed support for tinkering with the build-it yourself AOSP images and then coming back to the original factory image if needed
  • It is the one being taken seriously by Ubuntu as a prototype  for future tablet work.  Even at this early stage people have started to work on dual-boot (Ubuntu/Android) options.

The price point is slightly higher than most budget tablets around; however,  this shows that what the makers of those other tablets need to be after from now on: provide consumers with an easy way to make updates to the operating system.

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Nov 05 2012

Factory images for Nexus devices

Category: firmwarewpgeorge @ 10:25 am

This is the location where Google has provided images for recovery of the original Nexus device firmware