Jun 20 2013

Motorola Mini Defy: a low-cost gem

Category: Android 2.3 deviceswpgeorge @ 7:31 pm

After using the Motorola Mini Defy as my main phone for about a month, I can say that it was one of the best in the collection.

I bought mine online from this location.

It feels very well built, the primary reason I bought it was because of its Gorilla Corning glass (a material which our girl Erica has proven to be not indestructible).

The software included is well selected and this sim-free version has virtually no bloatware.

I remember that back in the 90s my first mobile was a Motorola so I had no doubt that the hardware/sound/battery consumption was going to be top class.

This was also the first time I have encountered a Data toggle widget provided by the phone maker.

The one annoying feature I am still trying to get over is that if you tap ‘Home’ while you are already ‘Home’ it will go into a screen view mode.

This is a quad band phone ready for the road warrior.

There are similar or higher spec phones from other manufacturers, but when it comes to reliability and functional design, the Defy Mini hit the mark.

Functional devices like the Defy Mini would certainly help Motorola Mobility get a foothold in emerging markets and turn a badly needed corner.

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