Jun 03 2012


wpgeorge @ 8:41 pm

This blog describes Android devices with a preference for low-end, efficient hardware.

I have set out on a journey to own and describe the most exciting and inexpensive new devices until they match the price of an iPhone.

Vodafone Smart 858 (a.k.a Huawei 8160- USD78.00)

Vodafone Smart II (a.k.a. Alcatel TCL V860 – USD75.00)

Sony Xperia Tipo (USD 130.00)

Google Nexus 7 (AsusĀ ME370TG USD 306.00)

Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5369 USD 107.00)

Motorola Defy Mini (XT-320 USD 125.00)

Also, here is a list of the next devices I plan to obtain

Current total so far: USD 821.00 (Jun 2013)

Price of the latest iPhone in my area: USD 869.00

About the name of this blog

Droid is a registered trademark of Lucasfilms.Ā  I pay no fee from using it. I plan to use droidhw until I receive an injunction and this space is earning lots of money!

I picked the name before learning this fact, I assure you.

Other sites using droid in their names:






f-droid.org (good luck trying to get that lot to comply :) , Mr Lucas)





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