Apr 14 2013

Information about Mobile phone maker: Plum

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I have just seen a SIM-free Plum Smartphone at a shop.  I was given a model number that did not seem to make much sense: QW181.
I wanted to find out information about the maker of the phone.

This is what I could find:
The phone’s maker is called Plum Smartphone
Website is plum-smartphone.com.  Its Facebook profile is available at


The company does not offer a postal address so it is not clear where the phones are designed or built.

There is no indication of their address details at their Facebook page either.

I wanted to find out company information at one of the smartphone user guides but were unable to find any, instead, what was noticeable at the User’s Manual for the Might Z500 phone available from this location was that the manual is very crude-looking, with several spelling and grammar errors, bookmarks missing, etc.. This was hardly a good first introduction to the company.

These are the Android models displayed at the company’s website in April 2013:

Plum Link (No GPRS)

Plum Debut, a tablet with GPRS capabilities

Plum Might

Plum Wicked

Plum Velocity

Plum Axe

Other website sections:

Plum-related events

Further references

Hands on with Plum devices article



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