Dec 06 2013

Vodafone Smart Mini -Alcatel 975 Powerful and affordable

Category: Device descriptionwpgeorge @ 9:46 pm

The Vodafone Smart Mini continues to amaze on a niche that Vodafone has taken by storm.

This is an Alcatel 975 phone and it is one of the lowest cost phones I have reviewed while at the same time keeping up with a later version of Android (4.1.1).

This is the first time I will be able to work with a version of Android with such features as disabling applications and increased availability of applications.

Some of the its heavier applications can be removed in full such as Facebook.

As a developer, I will be documenting very closely my progress with making this phone have the most performance without rooting.

The processor speed of 1 Mhz makes it very responsive.  The 512 built-in RAM is quite appropriate and although it sounds like a lot already for the default application set, I will be trying to get it to use less like Rosie does.


62x115x12mm, 118g, 3.5″ 320×480 display, MediaTek MT6575, 1000MHz CPU, 512MiB RAM, 3815MiB ROM, Google Android 4.1.1, WLAN, GPS, 1.9MP cam, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA,


Sep 01 2013

Scroll Essential II Tablet – Upgradeable and low cost

Category: Device descriptionwpgeorge @ 11:35 am

I have started noticing the Scroll Essential II, a low-cost tablet whose website offers lots of support and technical information.

The lack of GPS is a deal-breaker for me but this is already the right mix of features for the best price.

One of the advantages of this tablet is that if you have the 4.0 version of the tablet, there is a very well documented firmware upgrade available to Android 4.1.


We would like to encourage Storage Options, makers of the device, to keep the upgrades flowing now that Android 4.2 has arrived.  Keeping existing tablets up to date will help create a strong user base as even people who buy devices with 4.0 can have the latest software at all times.



Feb 21 2013

Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5369) is as fresh as ever

Category: Android 2.3 devices,Device descriptionwpgeorge @ 9:22 pm

The first thing I noticed after purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Y (young) model GT-S5369 was that it had no exact match at, the only possible match was the GT-S5360.

Further investigation shows that both GT-S5360 and GT-S5369  are very similar and that the change in model numbering is only a region-specific customization.

The initial Operating system version used is 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). The kernel version is compiled 30 Aug 2012.

The ST-S5369 uses a standalone GPS hardware chip, the Broadcom BCM4751, its no wonder that it is extremely responsive.  This is the same chip as the one contained in more mature hardware such as Google’s (ASUS) Nexus 7

I think that if its price were only USD25 lower than their many lower cost counterparts described in this blog they would leave the rest of the competition without customers.

The 800MHz CPU is ideal and the display is both bright and responsive. Animations are much less intrusive as those I have seen in Sony devices for example and they are unique enough to know that there are lots of Samsung-related improvements. For example, I like the multi-colored settings icons.

I don’t think I will venture yet into the Samsung Apps repository until I have explored all synchronization options.

After more than 2 1/2 years of hitting the market, the Galaxy Y remains as fresh and actively sold as ever.




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